I’m a passionate Tattoo Artist based in Dorsten, Germany. I started tattoing in 2016 with the help of my generous and inspiring mentor Sven Gnida from Dark Concepts. I´m always looking for challenges and creative projects even outside of tattooing, so feel free to contact me.




Movies, video-games and cutting edge technology have been my biggest passion since I was a kid. Most of my career background falls into creating short image and branding films as well as 3D-visualizations. But tattoos have always been something intriguing to me.

After getting in contact with Sven Gnida, owner of Dark Concepts Tattoo, I quickly realized that this was something I absolutely wanted to pursue. From there on I fell in love with tattooing and kept doing it until today.

Since 2021 I work in my very own Studio The Good Ghoul located in Dorsten. I´m so thankful for everything I´ve learned from Sven who will be forever a part of my studio, my art, me and the craftsmanship for my customers.